Market Places

by Jolie Jolly Cat

Markets are fascinating places to shoot.

Full of vibrant colors, interesting people and endless photo opportunities!

Show us your shots at the market!

Good Luck.

Prizes worth240
Start timeDec. 25, 2020, noon
Close timeDec. 27, 2020, noon
Duration/Type48 / speed
Vote hours delay2
Boost factor40
Boost votes100
Boost interval14
Boost reduce views130
Exposure decrease percent30
Exposure indicator max delta percent 90
Max photo submits1
Guru points100
Guru points members1000
Guru picks99
GuSh Votes Index: 1964
Ranking levels
No - 0
Popular - 40
Skilled - 160
Premier - 450
Elite - 900
All Star - 1900